A group of friends sharing sweet harmony with the San Francisco bay area for more than twenty years


Our one to three hour shows are a fun mix of songs you'll recognize as well as some from songwriters we've come to love.  It's a blend of folky, rockin', funny, bluesy, and country music full of rich three-part harmony backed by a great band!



Here are tracks from our album "Cool Again", so named because it reflects songs we grew up with, that resonate today, not only with us, but with our own children...very cool (again).

Have a listen, and if you like, buy a single track or the whole album!


Here's a sample of what we do live, courtesy of our friends at Longstock*, a great group that supports Housing Matters in Santa Cruz, California.


This video is a brief sampler, compiled from the incredible work of our friends at Black Rock Productions. The  full video is available here.


Audio quality is best enjoyed using headphones.




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